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Inclusive Spaces is a commercial interior design consulting service that helps workplaces create more accessible and inclusive work environments. A subsidiary of Diversity Focus., Inclusive Spaces was foundedto work holistically with companies to enhance inclusion and belonging in the (physical and virtual) work environment. Guided by the principles of workplace equity and inclusion, we collaborate with you to create inclusion of staff and visitors in your space. Our work in diversity, equity, and inclusion (research, consulting, and training services) through Diversity Focus. has guided the creation of Inclusive Spaces because we appreciate the interconnected nature of the world of work. Led by a firm belief that workplace physical and virtual inclusion can be designed and implemented, we work with your needs to provide tailored solutions, transforming spaces and the experiences of people who occupy these spaces.

What does office space design have to do with inclusion?

Everything! When people feel like they belong, they show up as their best selves to work. An inclusive and accessible workplace creates a sense of physical and psychological safety for all who access the space. It is about being intentional and creating environments that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for optimal engagement.

The physical (and virtual) work environment can attract or repel individuals from engaging at work. Inclusion in the workspace is about creating environments that inspire and create a sense of belonging, allowing people to enjoy being at work. Creativity and innovation are heightened, allowing individuals and teams to thrive, and creating a competitive edge in the market.

What can we do to create inclusion within the workplace?

Engage with us today to learn more about our services and how we provide a holistic and total company approach to workplace equity and inclusion. We offer a range of services, including research, consulting, and training through our parent company Diversity Focus.

Research captures diversity metrics, strengths, and gaps in workplace culture to determine the state of inclusion within the workplace. Through this information, we can provide tailored solutions to enhance company culture through engagement with senior leadership (executive training and coaching), interactive workshops for employees and online learning (e-Learning) options.

Our consulting services review policies and practices and provide tailored recommendations to improve company policies, ensuring policies and procedures are free of bias and discrimination.

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